Craig Koenigsberg Picture

Co-founder, President and CEO


About Us

Delivering Growth Through Smart Investments and Active Management

CLK Properties invests in attractively valued real estate assets and manages them directly to drive growth and performance. We believe that direct oversight and effective stewardship of our assets is the best way to maximize their value over the long term.

Our active, hands-on model distinguishes CLK from passive, arms-length real estate investors. And all parties benefit. Investors and partners see consistent returns and appreciation. Brokers can recommend our properties to their client with confidence. And our multifamily residents enjoy a high quality of life, while our commercial tenants realize the benefits of a well-managed and maintained work environment.

A Record of Continual Expansion

Founded in 1980 by the father-son team of Maynard and Craig Koenigsberg, CLK has grown into one of the nation’s largest real estate investors and operators with a diverse portfolio of multifamily and commercial properties. Today, CLK has more than 95 assets in 31 cities, with over 22,000 residential units and over 2.5 million square feet of commercial space. Our property management divisions employ over 400 people.

The Foundation for Success

The ability to identify exceptional opportunities and capitalize on them quickly is the foundation of our success. We are known in the industry for making smart acquisitions by applying our in-depth market knowledge and rigorous due diligence protocols. Our experience and resources enable us to complete transactions expeditiously, to the satisfaction of all involved. And by actively managing all the properties we own, we ensure that they continue to deliver on project goals.