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Hidden Oaks At Siegen is an attractive, 312-unit property comprised of three story buildings, featuring brick façades and pitched roofs.  The Property is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a market in which CLK has owned and operated garden style communities for over two decades.  CLK Properties is the largest multifamily landlord in Baton Rouge by unit count, with 2,500 units currently owned and operated throughout 8 assets.  Baton Rouge is Louisiana’s second largest city with a metro population greater than 844,000. Stability characterizes the local economy, anchored by the state capital as well as Louisiana State University, the largest institution of higher education in the state with 42,000+ students and employees. The metro’s private sector economy is well-diversified, and Baton Rouge has become a center for finance, health care, education, manufacturing, research and development, renewable energy sources, transportation, construction, and distribution.  


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