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Totaling 324 units, Willow Creek is a high-caliber, low-maintenance asset offering residents a premium lifestyle and location within Jonesboro.  The immediate area draws a well-educated, professional resident profile for its convenient proximity to employers, as well as its best-in-class retail options and neighborhood amenities.

Jonesboro is a rapidly growing market, and due to its status as the largest population center in the region, it serves as the regional hub for commerce, industry, education, and healthcare for Northeast Arkansas and routinely ranks as one best economies in the Southeast.  Jonesboro has a stable and growing economic base anchored by its sizeable healthcare, higher-education, and manufacturing sectors.  St. Bernard’s Medical Center is the metro’s largest employer, with 4,000 medical and support staff.  Arkansas State University (ASU) is the second largest employer in Jonesboro, with 3,000 employees and an annual enrollment in excess of 14,000 students.  It is the flagship campus of the Arkansas State University System and the second largest university in the state.  The metro’s third largest employer, Baptist Memorial Medical, employs 2,100 at its 220-bed facility.  In addition to its large medical and university presence anchoring the local economy, Jonesboro also has a growing manufacturing sector, drawn to the area’s pro-business political atmosphere, low business and living costs, interstate accessibility, and centralized location within the Mid-South region and nation.  The market was only lightly impacted by the pandemic, and has exceeded its pre-pandemic employment peak. 

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