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Barrington Parc is located in Moody, AL, a rapidly growing suburb within the Birmingham metro. With a population of 1.2 million, Birmingham, AL is the largest metro in Alabama and a major hub for commerce, industry, education, and healthcare in the rapidly growing Sunbelt Region.  The metro benefits from strong economic anchors and a highly diversified private sector oriented toward the industries that will power future growth.  That dynamic economy allowed it to quickly recover all jobs lost during the pandemic, and today, total employment is well ahead of its pre-pandemic peak with an unemployment rate of 2.8% – one of the lowest in the nation.  Moody benefits from the presence of Interstates 59 and 20, two major economic arteries that connect Birmingham to the growing Chattanooga and Atlanta metro areas. Moody is particularly well located directly in the path of Birmingham’s eastward expansion along I-20, which has driven significant population growth and economic development in the county.

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